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Not looking forward to this week. Jared is working nights and my schedule means I won't see him. I have to go to NOLA on Thursday and Saturday to help my mom pack her bajillion books. I have to work on Sunday.

BOO all around.

Trying to keep up with my LJ again for my 3 loyal readers :)
Another up and down day, but mainly up.

The down was when I realized I cannot fit into normal people clothes right now. I have to buy 2 dresses for events and don't even know where to start.
16 weeks pregnant and somewhere between terrified and excited.



I can't believe it's Christmas time again. So much has changed in one year. So much has happened.
I haven't posted in a long time. I don't even know if people read this thing anymore.
I don't even know if anyone reads LJ anymore, but whatever. I'm posting for me :)

I cannot express the joy of owning your own home. I knew it would be a great feeling, but I didn't realize how happy it would really make me feel.

Life in Baton Rouge has really come together. We've made new friends and been hanging out with old ones again. I finally feel like we've settled into a happy and stable life. No more apartment living, no more high school drama queen friends, no more stress.

This is the happiest I've ever been. It truly is amazing.

Jul. 15th, 2009

Harry Potter was excellent. Best movie of the series, so far.

We're moving Saturday. We've actually been moving for weeks, but the big stuff goes on Saturday. Thanks in advance to all my wonderful volunteers :)

The grill is being delivered today!
Carpet installation is tomorrow!

I can't believe how much has happened since April 4th :)
Things have been hectic to say the least.

Our plan to move on July 18th may go up in smoke. The carpet installation could take longer than we thought. We should know more today.

Painting is coming along well, but we've had color setbacks.

My new fridge, washer and dryer are beautiful /nerd

I went out to Dirty Disco last week and met some new people, hung out with old friends, and partied like a rockstar.

I need a vacation.