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Jun. 12th, 2009

So much has been going on, but I just cannot put it all into words.

I wish I could.

Our First Home

On Friday we settled on a price for the new house with the sellers. It's all very exciting to have this done so quickly. After seeing it a second time we were absolutely sure. We got it for a great price, too. It came out a little higher than we thought we would spend, but still well under the top of our budget.

Margy and Leo are going to help us paint the rooms that really need it. I'm pretty damn excited to pick out the colors and all the appliances and such. I can't wait to have a fridge that actually holds all of my food.

Saturday we went to Metairie to see my mom. We had lunch at Bud's Broiler and then went to Maurice to get some pastries. Jean Luc was there and he was genuinely surprised and happy to see me. He said he heard about the wedding and was so happy for us. He took me all through the bakery to show me the new equipment and changes. Sometimes I miss working in that place. It was a huge part of my life for a long time. Anyway, he gave me some free pastries and they were delicious, as usual.

Then we went to Black and Gold and I scored some items from the $10 rack. Got a new Saints hat, shirt and a white Deuce jersey. Deuce jerseys selling for only $10 makes me so depressed, but I will never wear another jersey!! NEVER!

We met up with Danielle to see Star Trek at Clearview. It was soooooo good. I really enjoyed it. J.J. Abrams is obsessed with time travel lol


May. 23rd, 2009

Well, I guess we need to start packing!
It's so confusing to have relief mixed with regret. I think I'll save the details for a private entry.
I've had a busy, yet relaxing weekend. Went to Paris Parker and then Target yesterday. I picked up even more frames for the wedding print project. I've been ordering prints and framing them as gifts. So far, Margy's is my favorite :)

Jared and I went to the new Don's Seafood in Gonzales yesterday. I ate my first charbroiled oyster and it was delicious. I'll be eating more in the future. We split a seafood platter that was yummy. They have really good catfish and stuffed crab.

Afterwards, I baked cookies from scratch using the new mixer. This thing is easily the best gift we received. I know it will completely change our cooking habits.

Today we are going to lunch at Ichiban and then to see Wolverine. It will be nice to get out!
I have a ridiculous amount of cleaning to do before Scott's birthday. It's been difficult to keep this place clean due to all the crap we have stuffed in here. I can't wait to buy a house.
If anyone can recommend a real estate agent in Gonzales/ Baton Rouge please do so! Thank you!
I get to see my Jackie in FOUR MONTHS! AND WEEN! AND MOUNTAINS!!

We are back! I can't even describe how awesome this vacation was. Jared and I always have fun together, but put us in Disney for a week and it's even better. We had a freaking blast, especially the last day. We rode every ride, some more than once. I can't even explain how awesome Disney is. It had been over 20 years since I went there last. I wish we had spent more time in Animal Kingdom, but the heat and crowd escalated so quickly that we bailed at around 3pm that day.

I uploaded the pictures last night:


Special thanks to Leo for taking care of LON and bringing us to the airport and picking us up. I was so glad to see him yesterday. We missed him so much since we see him so regularly :)

We came home to some really nice gifts and we have more to pick up from UPS. Tomorrow we go to do all of my name change stuff and set up the new bank account. Things have changed, but then not at all.

I realized some things on this trip. Being away from everyone and everything for so long makes you understand certain things. I feel like this really is a chance for a new and better life for me and for Jared.